Guys: what do u think about shy girls?

I am rather quiet. it takes me time to warm up to people and especially on first dates I get so nervous n dnt always know what to talk about. even on the phone I get nervous sometimes. im more my self when im texting a guy. im not worried about saying the wrong thing. the guys who have stuck around past the first few dates know that im actually really funny n have a lot to say. but most are put off by the fact that im so quiet on the first few dates. what do u think?


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  • Shyness isn't a big deal, I dealt with that a lot (and I'm still dealing with it), it's more a matter of confidence once we get to know each other.

    Although, on the first few dates, if she doesn't talk much and looks uncomfortable, I might misinterpret that as her being uninterested, so be careful of that. Smiling (not giant grins, just a slight smile that keeps your mouth from drooping into something that looks like a frown) is always a good thing and makes you seem approachable and likable without even having to say anything, so try that.


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  • I'd likely be put off by that kind of quietness on the first few dates as well.

    I can completely sympathize with being quiet, don't get me wrong. However, if I was on a date with a girl who barely said anything, I'd likely be convinced that she wasn't enjoying herself. At all. If I left the date with the impression you weren't having a good time, I doubt I'd work at getting a second one. Even if I you later stated that you DID enjoy it, I would probably figure you were saying that to spare my ego. At that point, the only thing to convince me that you really did enjoy it is if YOU pushed for another.

    I have no problem with quiet or shy, but I wouldn't keep things up if I didn't feel like things went well.

  • it wouldn't bother me. I think everyone tries to get to know others first before revealing their 'true colors.' Just the way of things.


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