Women 20-26yr old men date. How do you choose?

If you are choosing a woman to be in a serious relationship... Do you look at her traits and compare them to what you'd like your one day wife to hold?

Or do you simply date based on attraction?

Serious question. What attracts you to a female to go from just talking to serious relationship?

If you didn't view it previously as a potential wife - are you going to start to?


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  • This question is not really applicable for most men. I mean... its always the women who hold the cards when it comes to dating, because men need to approach and women take the final call, whether its for dating or a serious relationships. So even if men 'choose' a woman for a serious relationship, their choice has no effect because its ultimately the women who takes the call regrading the guy, and decides if SHE wants a serious relationship with him or not. Men's choices in dating and relationships have little or no significance, because the outcome is always decided by women.


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