Guys - would you date someone in this situation?

Guys- what do you think of dating someone in this situation? Would you?

Late 20's - no kids - attractive, intelligent, fun, goal oriented, down to earth, physically fit, well adjusted, etc., etc..

full time student - PT employed, but paid well and excellent benefits - financially stable/independent (but don't make a lot of money)

The problem I am running into is that men apparently love me until they find out how little money I make... I am always able to pay for myself and am more than happy to pay for our dates or whatever, that has never EVER been an issue...

I have NEVER asked how much a man makes but they always ask how much I make... and when I tell them they don't want anything to do with me... not because I don't make enough but because "they feel bad asking me to pay for anything at all and they want to date someone who, when she pays for a date, they don't feel bad for not paying..."

seriously, I've heard this from 3 different guys... and I'm kind of baffled, because, yeah, I don't make a lot of money, but I pride myself in my ability to support myself and have never asked for, nor expected, a man to pay for anything... I ALWAYS offer to pay for myself and am always capable of doing so...

I have an apartment, a nice car (which I own), my bills are paid months in advance with money from my savings and I spend the income from my PT job on everything else... I travel, I go out, I buy anything I want, I just don't have the typical financial structure people expect I guess...

anyway, just kind of wondering if there are men out there that would be able to get look beyond this sort of thing, as it is temporary (I have 4 semesters left) ... and just kind of looking for input I guess...


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  • It wouldn't be a problem in my eyes, I respect people who try and improve themselves in any way they can, so you'd get praise from me not criticism.


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  • Depending on how attractive you are and how rich they are, it's possible they think you're trying to date them for their money?

  • As long as you are good with kids, and everything else you mentioned is what you have going on in your life, sure. I see no problem with your path at this time.


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