How are you supposed to date at boarding school?

I mean, there aren't any unique places to go to nearby.

How are you suppose to start dating someone at a boarding school, when there really isn't anywhere to go?

All there seems to be is bloody hook-up culture!


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  • I went to boarding school! It's great fun, really. Being at a boarding school shouldn't stop you from dating. You don't need to find any unique places to go. Honestly, I found that it's nice just going behind the chapel or in the woods for an hour or so talking to my then-boyfriend. We brought blankets out onto the football field and had a picnic dinner and looked at the stars. We went to the music room and sang and played the piano. There are a lot of things you can do. You don't really have to go anywhere. And double dating is way easier at a boarding school :P

    • But how would you ask a girl out?
      Would you just say " wanna hang out int the piano room sometime?"

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    • Thanks for the MH :)

    • Thank you for having a legitimate answer.

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  • That so sucks I am sorry you have to live in a place like that

    • Now All there seems to be is bloody hook-up culture!

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