Playing hard to get after first date?

Hi girls - apologies in advance for the long message. Have a situation where I took a colleague out on a dinner date (went out for coffee a few times before this) and it went great. Throughout the night she showed very good signs e. g.110% engaged, touching me, telling me stuff that were very personal to her and tried to ensure the date was extended several times when she thought I was about to try to say it was time to go. The date actually went from 7pm - 2am and we had a few drinks throughout the night. Towards the end of the night we had a "moment" and found each other holding each others gaze for 5-10 seconds and holding each others hands from across the table. When we got up to leave the last place we were at and I went over to call a cab for her outside, I asked her to take the first cab and she looked surprised and said "wait.. really" (perhaps because she thought I would have asked her to come to my place given how well the date went). She followed up with a text about a half an hour later saying how great of a time she had etc.

Now it's been a few days since our date but she has been a bit distant than she had been prior to our date - almost seems like she's playing hard to get e, g. takes long time to respond but with lengthy messages, mentioning other guys in texts etc. I also asked her if she had dinner plans this Saturday and she said "she might but not sure."

Here is my interpretation of the situation - perhaps she feels a little rejected that I didn't really make a move on her that night. She has seen me out at clubs before and being very aggressive with girls so believe she has the impression that I am sort of a player. Either that or she isn't really interested in me any more and being polite by responding to my messages given we are colleagues.

Girls - what do you make of this kind of situation. Why would a girl play hard to get after a great first date, with lots of chemistry, good signs etc.

Thoughts appreciated.


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  • She might feel rejected cause you didn't take her home. Just tell her that you're sorry if you offended her by not inviting her over, and that you just wanted to be polite.

    • Thanks for the comment. If she feels rejected how can I regain the same level of chemistry I had with her other than apologizing her. Not sure how well she'd take an apology for not asking her to come back with me (don't want her to think that I'm assuming she wanted to).

    • I'm not sure. Ask her if you can take her out for dessert. Or maybe grab coffee in the morning and give her a ride to and from work. What I find always works is to just be playful and relaxed. Sometimes if you act like nothings wrong the other person will follow suit.

      Yes you made a good point. If all else fails just tell her that you feel like she's been distant and that you miss her.

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