Great 1st date! Sooo... Why haven't we planned a 2nd?

I went on a date with this guy and sparks flew like crazy we kissed and cuddled but no sex- I ended up seeing him (at his request) next day while I was running errands and although I looked presentable- I wasn't dressed up like before. When I seen him he claimed to be super exhausted- we texted very briefly (1 texted) that day and I haven't heard from him since!! (It's officially been over 24 hours)... is he uninterested now? Should I contact him? How long should I wait before contacting him?


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  • to be honest at your age gap I wouldn't play any games. just do what you wanna do, you're only getting older, no offense. if you like him then text him he should be mature enough, im only assuming he is near your age. and you two had a wonderful night so expect something good. but just be casual about it, don't get all clingy on him lol.


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