When u do the dumping do yew expect woman to chase after u begin for u to take her back would u be shocked if she didn't do anything at all?

So my boyfriend dumped me said that I was a bossy, selfish stubborn girl and for now it's over as it's in the back of his head and he can't continue on and it's over for now, I'm the type of girl thst would chase after a guy, but when we broke up I didn't or haven't texted him at all I know I'm going to bump into him every weekend as he's my new flatmates best friend , I went out n got drunk the other night and the look of disappointment on his face, he loves going out n I never went out the first weekend we broke up we ended up going out together I'm starting to enjoy my life and stop being such a hermit I know he expect s me to chase him as I'm that type of girl and I haven't done a thing

He said he was very confused and took him a week to make up his mind and right for now it's over , but he can't even look at me I know he's hurting


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  • no I don't expect her to chase after me. if I dump a girl I try to make it very clear that its over otherwise if I wasn't sure then I would not have dumped her to begin with.

    • He said that he does care and it will take him a while to get over me and yet he still manages to come out the night I'm out with the same people and I knew he was hurting got tick with me for noting n then talking to me like I was his girlfriend

    • I didn't really see a question in the description other than the question title itself so I don't know what to tell you lol. im sure he's hurting but he's also going to cope in his way or whatever way will help him.

    • Thanks but we're going to be seeing a lot of each other now

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