White girls, what's it like to date a Mexican/Hispanic guy?

Like the title states, what is it like to date a Mexican/Hispanic guy? Or, what is it like to have one as a boyfriend? Or, to have one as a Husband and Father of your children? Ha-ha. How was the experience?


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  • Well, I'm a 6'2" Mexican dating a 4'11" white girl so I can try and explain some things we've been through.

    The experience will be different as not all families are the same and not all men are the same, but generally:
    -Be prepared to try new foods. If you don't like spicy foods you might have a tough time.
    -Going over to his family get togethers, you won't understand 90% of them. It'll either be full on Spanish or broken English from his relatives.
    -If you go over to his house you will hear him get yelled at. White parents generally keep calm while guests are over, but Hispanics simply don't care.

    As far as having one as a Husband or a father, you can't really just ask that. Again, all people are different so a Hispanic man won't be any better or worse than a white or black man purely based on race. You may deal with people looking at you because of the interracial couple situation, but nothing too different. Fathers MAY be more inclined to hit their kids because 99% of us were hit by our parents, but again its an individual thing and I personally wouldn't hit my kids.

    Message me if you have any specific questions, otherwise I hope I gave some good info c: .

    • Most helpful answer, thank you. :)

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  • I'm Mexican, message me if you really wanna know one. Lol


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