3 girls on my mind! Some advice is really needed!!!?

Ok I'm playing a pretty dangerous game at the moment but I'm not doing it because i'm a player or anything, far from it:

1st girl: The first girl I've ever really liked in my life so far (i'm 19). We dated for a month but I think I messed things up on a night out by saying some stupid things and since then she's lost interest it appears, but my friend seems to think that it's not necessarily me, it's her personal life and that she still likes me. She's off to college in two months and I don't think she's looking for a serious relationship but I want to apologize to her face to face because she once really liked me, but I messed up and I want to set things straight again.

2nd girl: Used Tinder after things went bad with the first girl and met this girl. Met this girl once face to face, spoken on message regularly for around 2 weeks now and met face to face once. I think I really like her and i'm trying to organize a date but her work is getting in the way and she's also going to college in September. I'm not sure if she sees me as anything more than a message-ing friend at the moment because of this but i'm sure a date will give us something to go on.

3rd girl: Known this girl for 3 years. She asked me out 3 years ago and i said no and this really broke her heart and I felt terrible but it was the right decision I know. We met at a reunion a few days ago and we got off, held hands and stuff the day after but I don't really think I view her as anything more than a friend (or a friend with benefits) but I know she has eyes for a serious relationship. She goes to college as well in September and doesn't live close to my home town. I don't want to lead her on and break her heart again but I do like talking to her.

Essentially, I am looking for a serious relationship and I feel that the second girl could very well be the one. However I don't know what to do about the third girl because I really like her but I think only as a friend.



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  • Look, go for the one you have feelings for. If there's two of them, go for the one that your feelings have developed most recent because if you really liked the first one, your feelings for the second one would not have been there. Sorry, didn't read it all.

    • No that's fine, it was pretty long haha :) Thank you though!

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    • Ok, will do. Thing is if things don't work out with the second one then I have absolutely nothing to fall back on.

    • It doesn't matter if you have something to fall back on or not. You can't always have a back up plan. It's not right to play two or three girls just because you're unsure of yourself.

  • If you fall in love with two people at the same time choose the second. because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't fall in love with the second. Tell the third girl you don't like her in that way, gently and truthful.

    • With the third girl I think she now thinks that just because we held hands and got off on that night out that I see her as something other than a friend again but the truth is that i'd rather a relationship with the second one. I just hope that if me and the second one do hit it off that the third girl won't get jealous and try to get back at me

    • Nothing worse than a jealous girl, wich will transform into a bitch haha. That's why you have to tell her straight in the face so you don't get her hopes up. I wish you the best of luck !

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