Girls, have you ever changed your minds about someone you used to like, but now hate?

I realize everyone's situation is different, but here me out

So I met this girl online and she was initially HOOKED on me. It wasn't friendly casual chat, but it wasn't super sexual either you know? She was into me 100% and even stated so herself

Due to some misunderstandings and drama between us, she LITERALLY hates me guts (although she's a sweet heart deep down, thats why she hasn't cut me out of her life). When I try even anything remotely flirty, she'll say "We're never gonna date"

I know you're all thinking "Dude, find someone else" and trust me, i am currently. I was thinking though, if i continue being friends with her, get close with her, maybe in the future i could ask her again about dating me? This is of course while i chase other girls. I'm not naive lol

Any girls with some insight or personal experience?

Long story short:
-You like a guy
-You hate him (NOT due to a deal breaker like cheating, but due to misunderstandings and arguments)
-you stay friends with him
-Could you like him again in the future? even after a close friendship is developed?

by the way the poll is about my situation w/ girls perspectives

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I asked this question because my theory is, if you like someone, you can like them again. Unless they do something extreme such as cheat on you.

This girl is cold to me, as you can tell by the question.. but I don't know i think she could again?


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  • I have in the past completely changed my mind about someone, and it has never changed. I still really don't like him, and no matter how he tried he never won my forgiveness, and eventually he stopped trying. But if she still talks to you it means she doesn't fully hate you. I say wait it out, pursue other women of course, but don't cut her off completely.

    • In your situation what did the guy do exactly?

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    • can you elaborate on "It may be that since she's had feelings for you before she's nervous about that happening again because she's insecure about herself/ her life"

      its funny because i met her one time, which was about a month ago. after our first hang out, which went amazing, i made a joke about how i should get a kiss. later that night she told me she feels uncomfortable and awkward with hanging with me because she just wants to stay single/not develop feelings.

      so what does that mean? or maybe it relates to what you just said?

    • Well you had said that she was hooked on you in the beginning, so perhaps she was really attached to you because you were somone new, a fresh start (this happens a lot) but then after you expressed interest in her she let her insecurities of herself overcome her thoughts. It could be that she's scared to be in a relationship because she had trust isuess dealing with her depression, and getting into a relationship can be scary. I know it was for me.

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  • I never change my mind. I can read people and once I realize they're not for me... moving on is the only option.
    If you think you should give her another chance, do it.
    Personally, I wouldn't give a guy another chance - I learned that second chances are just another opportunity for history to repeat itself.

  • Take a chance. It could always change. Some people hold grudges, some are protective over themselves. It's hard to tell.

  • You should stay friends with her but just keep on looking at other girls. I say just be patient. She'll keep around. Not all girls can hold a grudge for long

    • i rememeber when she told me about an ex, she said she holds grudges forever

      other then that i agree lol.

  • if you really care about her and wanna date her in the future you till wait for her. Show her that she is the most important think to you.


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