4 drinks for lunch date during work week... did it mean anything?

Was on a lunch date for a couple hours, she had to go back to work, I had already planned to take rest of the day off.

She had a drink with lunch, then had 3 shots during our time together. I had 2 with her, to go along,

Should I read anything into this?


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  • It doesn't mean anything. No it doesn't mean she wanted to have sex just based on that.

    • Not thinking along sex lines... thinking more of drinking and having to go back to the office... do I want to start a relationship

    • I don't think it means anything

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  • There's not enough information. I go out with guy friends i'm not interested in sometimes, or get drinks between classes. It doesn't mean anything to me, just something to do with friends or people your getting to know. If thats all you have then i would say there's nothing there, but if your interested in her you should ask her to go out again, maybe for dinner or something more "date like"

  • No? I don't see what there is to read? She had a few drinks. So what?


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