Why do guys contact if they truly dont care?

why do guys text (contact you after sex) you after sex and wish you a good day if they plan on not contacting again? i was talking to this guy and we got intimate 2 days ago. the following morning he told me to have a good day and i responded with the same back to him and haven't heard from him since then. Why do guys even contact after if they. dont care not to see the girl again? i really was expecting to hear back from him again because i. thought he cared !


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  • I'm assuming that you are talking about a one night stand or hookup. Guys are told to be nice and respectful after having sexual congress with a woman. He was trying to be nice, but to be brutally honest, he probably has gotten what he wants. Perhaps he thought you attractive, but there was no spark on an emotional basis that would be grounds for a relationship. It could be that he felt a lack of sexual chemistry between you, and doesn't wish to continue sleeping with you. I'm sorry if it's not what you wished to hear.


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  • After he sext you he moved on to the next girl
    but he will keep your number in case he can't find
    another girl to help him get his nut off he could
    have wife/girlfriend that doesn't know what he's doing
    so much infidelity in relationships i had girls who
    would email me long enough to use me to get them off
    than they wouldn't even bother emailing me again all
    we are is being used for sex talk and nothing more
    i stopped being girls sex slave on text messaging and
    email if they want talk that way than i told them we
    have to meet face to face on Skype

  • No... it was just a casual message. It's not necessarily Caring one. Don't mind too much.
    Sorry for being straightforward

  • they text you (cause I don't do it, and I don't have sex usually) just to not cut it that all of sudden.

    • ur saying they text you to keep you on standby in case horny again?

    • or to not be such jerks of leaving with no words or communication after sex.

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  • Don't text him!
    If he hasn't contacted you, that said it all :/

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