Is he losing interest? I don't understand my date's behavior!?

We have been talking for a month and a half now. He calls three times a week and we talk for a hour or two sometimes. We text when he is not busy. However, I have notice that he doesn't text me as much but I know he is at work or school. The problem is that before he would text me during work or school but now he doesn't. I am just concerned that maybe he is losing interest. What do you guys think? Today, he just text in the morning that he misses me and that he cares about me. I don't know.,.

Another problem we don't see each other often...


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  • If you are seeing him in person regularly and he seems to enjoy you in person then don't worry about his texting/calling behavior. Cellular devices are meant to aid relationships not replace and speculating about it is going to do nothing but cause anxiety.

    • Yeah, we don't see each other often...

    • Then try to see him in person more. Don't hide behind the phone. Sounds like you guys like each other to me. Be positive and just go for it

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