Bad that I never had a boyfriend?

Well i never had a boyfriend and some girls laughed at me and said mean things like "omg what kind of a girl are you?" i'm 16 years old and every guy i liked just wanted to use me, they acted like they like me but at the end they just wanted to have sex.. what do you guys think of a girl who never dated a guy before?


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  • I'm 21 and i've never had a boyfriend. I'm more focused on my education and career. I have a lot of guy friends who love me and respect me for who I am and my ambitions and morals. It's ok to not have a boyfriend. Relationships, if you aren't ready for them, can make or break you character and reputation. So if you do want to be in a relationship choose wisely. But you're young, just 16 and you have you whole life ahead of you. Don't worry too much about that now.

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