How would I know if this guy really Like me?

Yes I'm chatting to a foreigner guy from Denmark, he's 52 now and I'm 24 years old.
He said I'm Cute and young , but I don't think he really Like me, where chatting sometimes. But I really really love him even though we didn't meet yet. And I confessed my true feelings to him, he didn't say anything and then I asked him again if he see me as a kid, he said "No, not like that but I don't understand why do you have strong feelings with me, but didn't meet me yet in real." I felt he reject me that time, I hope you guys could help me and give me some advic e. Thank you


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  • He didn't reject you, he's just afraid that he might be too little for you.

    • Thank you but he's bigger din me lols,

    • He doesn't see it that way. He feels like he'll end up just hurting you more than it does any good. I guess he might feel the same way, but that's that.

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  • he definitely rejected you, you scared him. And you're crazy for liking a 52 years old you don't even know. I'm sorry I'm just telling the truth, I hope that helps you clear your mind.

    • maybe your right, but for me age doesn't matter...

    • well not everyone thinks like you, and you know that, that's why you asked this anonymously I guess

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  • Careful now, those Denmark guys are kinky!

    • thank you for your advice, but I don't understand what do you mean by that?

    • They like crazy sex and have weird fetish