Is this psychopathic?

My manager was near me and my other co workers. Then she told me that someone from another departments brother died. She only said it to me, and didn't care to let the other two co workers know even though they were right there. You can tell by her body langauge
Anyways, I didn't even really care that his brother died. I mean I'm not friends with him. Actually I kind of hate him, and he and so does my manager. My mom also told me and I told her straight out I didn't care and then this other guy gave me a dirty look
My manager also would try and make me talk to him. She would instigate it
Is that bad? Why should I care?
He's not my brother, not a friend, not a family member or someone I even associate with.


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  • Psychopaths get pleasure from others' pain. Not even in the sense of "I'm glad he's dead," rather it's in the sense of they literally feel pleasure at the thought of someone else's suffering, the same way the average well-adjusted person might feel pleasure from petting a cute animal or from seeing someone really happy.

    So no, not caring about someone's death doesn't make you a psycho =p


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  • I suppose she wants everyone to be more business-oriented and professional. Keeping a grudge against someone or disliking them is understandable, but I guess if it gets in the way of working, that's when it becomes a problem.

  • psy·cho·path·ic
    suffering from or constituting a chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.

  • Your not a psychopath for that. That's much different.

    • Thanks :-) I posed in bikini lmao on the streets. Lmao... It was hilarious

    • I got a whole lot of shots taken in eight different outfits

    • He took 310 pics of me in 8 of my outfits to see whether I had potential. My only problem he says is I have to work on my facial expression and looking up at the sun without fighting it

      Meant to post here

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  • It's pretty unsympathetic but not psychopathic.

  • Wow, are you really that cold?

    • Dang you look in that pic.

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    • Oh you definitely have the body for it. Isn't the lighting on your face too dark or is that what they were looking for? It does look like you could work on the expressions. It makes me think that's why so many models can become actors because they have to do some acting in their pictures. That's really good start though. Not bad at all. :) He took a lot of pics of you. 310. That's a lot.

    • Lol, I don't know he's the professional photographer :p but that's one of my fav pic. That sun. is no joke.

      I had my hair straight but puffy on purpose because I knew being under the Sun was going to mess it up if I straightened it well. Sun was annoying though

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