Guys, when you're on a first date with a girl, do you compare them to your ex right away?

Hi everyone!

I am currently talking to this guy I met online and we've really been hitting it off. We have been talking daily on whatsapp for the last 6 weeks.

He recently told me about an ex and I went to look her up on facebook. She is breathtakingly gorgeous.

I am now very insecure that when I get to meet him, that he will compare me to her right away. And since I am not close to being as beautiful as her, I am dreading our first date.



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  • Yes. I mean, we gotta have some kind of measure, so of course exes become that measure.

    Generally I try not to evaluate critically. It'd be like, oh, I kinda did this before with my ex, feels like deja vu but it's not. I might even think, hmm it seems my ex faired better. But it's not that I'll think very badly of my date right now. And very often, I'm pleasantly surprised by the twists and new things I get to experience with my date. It's like the same, but different.


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  • An ex is an ex because of a reason... He's into you now... It means don't worry too much, just go and have a good time.

  • Don't be there's a reason an ex is an ex


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