I need some dating advice?

There's this girl. We were best friends for most of my childhood. We didn't go to the same school and eventually stopped talking. I saw her at her job about a week ago and we hit it off. She was blushing through the entire conversation and laughed at everything I said. I'm wondering if I should ask her out. I just get the feeling if we go out and its kind of weird or, awkward thats all I'll remember when I think about her. Also she's insainly hot, and I have no idea how I would stack up to her and rejection would be way worse from her than from any other girl. So, what do you think I should do internet?


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  • Im in the exact same situation but probably a little more complicated. I really like my childhood friend i hadn't seen in 5 years who is really hot!!! I dont know whats gonna happen yet but i can tell you that you should deffinatly make the first move... Especially after the way she acted!!! I think she likes you!! I say go for it 100%.


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  • Okay, so, you saw her at work! Start there!!!

    See her week at the same time! Or go in when she's there and talk to her!

    Pretend that you're getting something from there, and that will be your excuse to see her! Thats kinda cute, I think that maybe after 3 times seeing her, ask her to get some lunch or dinner to catch up, and see whats new.
    From there, many things could happen. You could get her number, and keep talking to her, and then take her out on dates, etc.

    Good Luck!

  • Start slow ask her if she wanted to hangout or whatever or for her number if a girl likes you is sometimes hard to tell. If she doesn't like you it's very obvious in her body language if she was blushing smiling and laughing its a definite sign!


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