A girl I barley know asked me to go out to eat together. What should I prepare and expect?

A girl, whom I meet in the bus twice a week for one month so far, Asked me for my phone number to go out.
She sent me today SMS to suggest a time to go out together. I feel she is interested in me.
We have decided to go to a restaurant on Tue. after my work (We're gonna meet in the bus again).
What should I expect during this date?
What should I prepare for this date?
Thanks in advance.


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  • I would just wear something nice, nothing over the top and go in with zero expectations. Wing it. If something happens great, if nothing happens great. But chances are if she asked you to dinner she's interested in you


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  • She want's your dick! Horny chicks set dates! You are in the gold! Go for it!