WILL SHE LIKE THIS? Help I need answers?

(Story so far) I have been away for a few weeks on a military training course and I was supost to return home next week. But I had a complication and was admitted to hospital but I came out and the military training group will let me redo my training course when I'm 100% fit enough

Right I'm surprising my girlfriend on her birthday and she thinks I'm coming home next week so I'm going to surprise her at her birthday and before I left I bought her a diamond necklace and bracelet
Will she like the gifts and the surprise and what can I say that's catchy and funny so I can surprise her with?


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  • Don't say jokes.

    After or before she blows the candle/s walk behind her then Gently tap her shoulder.

    Once she turned around it's either she hugs you or stares and cries.

    Either way hug her. BUT hide your gift behind you

    Present her with your present. make sure it's not in a square velvet box. Because once you pull out a square velvet box she thinks you'll propose to her. Encase it in a heart box.


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  • Aww! My boyfriend's in the military and that would be so cute. Just be super romantic and cheesy, if she's anything like me she'll love it. Either way the surprise itself is wonderful! Tell her you loved her and missed her and say something along the lines of "Now I can finally do this" and kiss her.

    • All respect to your boyfriend :) hope he is well and maybe you will get a very good surprise when he returns :) and haha yeah I want to but she said she doesn't want to kiss on the lips since when she was in primary school which was when she last had a bf she was cheated on and has been scared about being cheated on again but I promised her I won't cheat and I keep my promises :)

    • Aww okay well either way it sounds amazing! Good luck!

  • Ah, that's a great surprise, she'll love the fact that you're home more than anything, the jewellery, although I'm sure she will love it, will be nothing next to getting you home early :)

    • Haha thanks but I spent a lot of money on these gifts but if she is more excited about seeing me then it's brilliant and I just want to make her smile and happy :)

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    • Well, that just goes to show she was a prick! He's better off without her.

    • Yeah he was very unhappy with her and he was glad to see her go but he is doing well now :)

  • im sure shw will, its so toughtful and warm...


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