Who create this pathetic world?

People think because I'm a woman I have settle up already I'm find a man that love me and have kids if you don't they blame on you to be ugly and cursed destined to be alone forever and think i miss the train How about blame the DNA and it's not someone fault if they don't want to date you it's the beholder uh duh


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  • those who think stuff like this are stupid old-fashioned people

  • This world isn't perfect and humams are inherently selfish asses. Life is too short to grump about it for too long. Enjoy your short time on earth and do you.

  • the world is perfect (without humans of course), the problem is human behavior, because most of them living with invisible rules, born, school, date, marriage, work, retire and die, that's typical way of human life. I don't blame anything for that thing, I blame the system who create that? Maybe you miss the train, but there is always another trains, just change the station I mean change your way in your life :)


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