What does it mean if someone gives off "bad vibes"?

I was told by this girl, that i asked out "Im not sure, i kinda get bad vibes from you"

i asked her "what do you mean by that? like unattractive vibes? or you're gonna get hurt vibes?"

and she goes "im not tryna get hurt vibes"

i dont get it, and when i asked her to explain she said she couldnt put her finger on it

so can anyone explain what that means? like does she view some of my actions as "player"ish or something?


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  • I think she means that she doesn't trust you or feel that she can fully open up to you because of these "bad vibes"

    To me, it's kind of like when you go into a sketchy looking restaurant and it looks dirty. When you finally get your food, you are skeptical about its cleanliness and barely want to eat it.


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  • Yes. Bad vibes to me man when someone doesn't really trust you and in their sixth sense.. they think that you'll hurt them or do omething untrustworthy.

  • Girls are big on intuition. Or maybe she thinks you look like a tool. Don't go changing yourself over that..

    • what do you mean by intuition exactly? like based off some of my previous actions, she thinks ill hurt her?

    • That's a possibility.. but that's not what intuition. Intuition is like a gut feeling.

  • yeah sometimes its just a persons sixth sense talking,..

    • Okay cool, what does it mean? explain?

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