Dating with an expiration date? High school senior with college junior. Is it worth it?

Hi everyone! So here is the situation. I am a high school senior girl dating a college junior guy. Technically we have known each other since my freshman year but it wasn't until the summer before my junior year that we became good friends. So in the fall of my junior year I started liking him and he liked me too but then we kinda had a semi fall out in winter. But once spring came, we were close again and he asked me out around April. It's been almost 4 months we have been dating. This being said, my parents don't know about me dating him because I tried to bring it up with my mom before but she said I couldn't date until December of my senior year - to concentrate on college applications.

Now looking over my situation a part of me doesn't want to tell my mom once December comes. The reason is that I don't think I am going to carry this relationship with me when I go to college. The issue isn't with distance because both of us would be instate. I just feel that when I go to college, I should go not tied down because there are so many new people there and new opportunities. Is it worth telling my mom about a relationship that I will end 5 or 6 months after telling her? I don't think it is.

As much I do like my boyfriend right now, I know that he isn't THE one. So please don't think that I'm playing him cause I honestly do like him a lot. I guess my question is that is this "expiration date" normal and mentally okay? What should I do when December comes? Is telling my mother even worth it?


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  • There's no expiration date, it's a joint effort, if you want him after high school, you only need to make accommodations or not. Also just make sure he's reciprocal too, which I think he's doing since he's already in college, so I don't see a difference even when you're outside of high school. Nobody is 'the one' within such a period of time, that notion develops as the effort put into the relationship has increased substantially.


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  • like another user said, there is no "expiration date".
    I don't agree with the whole "not being tied down" mentality because you can do everything your single friends do except, you know, hookup with a guy. Go to parties, make friends, have fun.

    and yes, I think it is worth telling your mom because even if you do end up breaking up after you graduate your mom will be in the know for several months and thats still a pretty long relationship (most relationships that I've seen rarely make it past 3 months). Whats the harm in her knowing?

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