Do British white guys find pakistani girls attractive?

now i know there are diffrences and what our situation is, and its sensitive, i know.

but i am only and Only asking about the appaerances,..

i wouldn't date a white guy coz it would be too complemcated due to my background and family,... i have nothing personal agaisnt white British guys but i do admire how they are and look,...

but i do have a thing for them, there accents and there personalities,...

i have asked this before, apparently i didn't get the accurate answers i was looking for and had misunderstandings too,...

and please just give me the accurate answers to my Q,...

and if there are any who are fimiliar with this, im not racist it was just a misunderstanding lol...


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  • Yes, I find Pakistani girls beautiful, my ex was Pakistani.

    • really? wow,... how was it? complecated or easygoing?

    • Yeah, pretty easy going, I was accepting of her and her family's beliefs and traditions and other than that, it was just normal.

    • ok thats cool then,...:)

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