How would you know if she's ready to go out with you?

I've been texting and chatting this girl lately whom I really like. She gave me her number and I'm really ready to ask her out but I don't know if she's ready to have a date with me. I don't want her to reject my offer so that I'm asking you guys or girls what are the signs or what should I do to ensure that I won't get a rejection. (Take note: we seldom chat or text because she's always busy and I haven't called her once. We only met once and we didn't talk that time.)


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  • Instead of asking her out when you guys hardly talk why dont you just ask her if she wants to grab lunch sometime and if she says no you'll know that she wasn't that interested in you to begin with but if she says yes you can use that experience to charm her and shit and then start texting her more and once you feel comfortable then ask her out

    • I think there's a 70 percent chance that she will say no if do that... I want to build up the texting RS and she said her parents are too strict! She's 19 BTW.

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    • I don't know you it may not look like it but I'm kinda popular in our hometown (I'm a shy type though). I'll try and I hope it works.

    • Good luck

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  • Give it more time because obviously neither of you are ready. A girl needs to know she can trust you so she need to have a conversation with you


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