Is my boyfriend serious about me?

I have been dating this guy off and on for a while now. He's really sweet and most of the time a gentleman, but he won't meet me. I tell him I want to meet him so our relationship can be stronger. His answer is always "I know", "soon", or he completely ignores it. What makes it even worse is we live in the same area we just go to different Schools. Another thing is he doesn't talk to me a lot. It feels like were not even dating. I'm so confused because he tells me he really cares for me and he has even told me he loves me several times. Please help?


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  • Goodness. Just rush it and tell him to get it over with. If he can't meet you now, then he never will.

  • I firmly believe that actions count more than, and speak louder than, words. If your boyfriend is not acting like he loves you, particularly when he has plenty of opportunity, he probably doesn't.
    It also depends on how busy he is.


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