Have I been single too long, or not long enough?

I dated and married my high school sweetheart, so before him, I had not been single since my early teens until my mid 20's.
Since our divorce it's only been 2 years. I feel like I'm still getting to know myself but I'm really struggling as an individual. I don't have so many social things that other people have. I kind of was living in a bubble all those years and am only just beginning to figure stuff out for myself.

I get lonely and would love a companion. But at the same time, I'm terrified that I will rely on them for my hapiness because I'm not too happy on my own.

But everyone is beginning to ask me if I'm seeing anyone. I wouldn't mind making guy friends or going out on dates. But I have no way to do this. My job presents no opportunity. My friends are only a few and nobody new enters. Don't go out much now, usually house parties of the same people.

I'm not the type to join things. Lots of social anxiety. But I definitely don't seem this way. But it's the truth.

Since I'm so timid I wonder if I'm still not ready. I'm almost 30. I haven't even made any connections. I'm sure my ex husband has met many women since me. He was always much more social. I know I shouldn't compare or care or wonder but I can't help it.


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  • Let me give you some advice coming from a guy who's happily single for years (and for many more to come). Start engaging in activities such as exercise, reading, meditating etc. Go into competitions, fulfill goals, get in touch with your inner self. You'll find deep satisfaction when you learn about self-love. You can't love others if you can't love yourself.


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  • It's normal to compare, but be careful not to get hung up about these type of thoughts.

    There's no definitive answer here, as the expectations of others should be a low priority with how you feel.

  • you could use a dating (fuck) app called tinder it shows you guys in your area


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