What's a good gift for my boyfriend&his friends?

So I'm going on a mini vacation trip with my boyfriend. And I want to give him a present to take with him.
were in a LDR and only get to physically be together 3-7days out of every month. At least until I finish my degree (which is the end of this year) and ill be moving in with him.
I got him a present to take home with him
1) from spencers -2shot glasses he loves to party& their his fav color & a bell that says "ring for sex" ^_^ if he wants it he can ring for me lol-small humor and its cute in my opinion
2) from sees candy (this I got for him-his roommates&friends-who I'm well acquainted with) a box on lollipops-a box on truffles-and a coffee mug with coffee beans and coffee flavored candy.

should I not get him a gift at all or is it all too much?
or should I get a gift only for him?
idk... What do u get for your loved one?


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  • I'd say just a gift for him but if you want to be super nice you could get gift for his friends too


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