When is it too soon to start thinking of him?

This guy I know moved back from New Hampshire or somewhere. He used to be kind of a weirdo, and I felt sorry for him, but I was never attracted to him. Now he's a little more cute and I think more mature, but nobody really likes him and now he is a new guy. I messaged him over Facebook and asked him if he would like to hang with me at school since he didn't really no anyone, just to be nice, but I think he might of thought I was into him and he might like me, but the problem is I'm not sure I like him back, but I also can't find a reason not to like him. But I also might need a friend and not a boyfriend. What should I do?

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  • Should I friend-zone him till we get to know each other more.
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  • Hang out with him a few times and pay close attention to his behaviour. If he strikes you as someone who will make you happy, then relationship him.


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