How would you take this? I'm not sure if I'm over thinking this or not?

So this guy I was sleeping with, he's very closed off from his emotions, and has this confident... cockiness about him, like sort of conceited but not... one day he asked if I had been sleeping with anyone else, and I told him no, and he said he wasn't either. And when I asked if it means we couldn't see where things go with someone else, he asked if I had anyone in mind. And I told him I did.
About 20 minutes later, one of my friends text me, telling me he was talking to her on plenty of fish/facebook. (She knew about me sleeping with him, that's why she contacted me, but he didn't know her and I were friends.)
And while he talks to her, the very first thing he says is, "You know (my name)?" and she goes, "Yeah she's one of my best friends.." She thought it would have been weird if they hooked up, and he says "I've never met you and just because I did something with your best friend doesn't mean it's weird or wrong. She doesn't like me. It isn't wrong."
The only reason he went on P. O. F. is because I told him I was thinking about dating someone else (cuz it seemed like him and I were going no where, but I didn't say that part.) We got into a little argument over it and he said he thought about making whatever we had into a relationship, but then he realized, he really doesn't know much about me or how I feel about him. We've still been sleeping together since..
But the part that gets me is he only says "She doesn't like me"...
If you didn't like a girl would you say "We don't like each other?" Or am I reading to much into this?
Does he at all sound into me, or everything is just to get me to continue to sleep with him while he looks for someone better or something?

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  • Sounds like he is into you.

    I'm sure what threw him off was you saying that you had someone else on your mind that you are into. I think you are reading too much into this, but at the same time, so is he. The whole "she doesn't like me" sounds like he took it the wrong way when you mentioned the other person. Trying going out one night and actually trying to get to know each other if thats what you really want. It couldnt hurt.

    • And he usually asks if he's the only one I've slept with..
      Sometimes he gives me the impression that he wants me to tell him that I want a relationship with him before anything happens between us.. but wouldn't he have said something by now, cuz we've slept together already?

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  • This is a toughy. (>_<) I would say he needs to man up and let it be know what he wants... If y'all don't settle this soon you will stay in the friends with benefits zone - but if you two argued over it, he obviously has feelings... Men that aren't interested wouldn't sweat something like that.

    • Yeah, that makes sense.
      That's how I'm feeling right now, like, we'll never get out of the friend-zone, but we won't date anyone else, either... Like we're going to stay in the same spot forever.
      Like he says one thing that makes it sound like he likes you but then can say another that makes it sound like he just wants sex..
      It's confusing..

    • I can understand that because I have been there... I eneded up asking the guy if we were seeing other people or if we were exclusive and he played like he didn't care - as soon as I went on a date he switched up on me... We are still in the same spot now 3years later (not sexually) but feeling wise when we hang out. It is a terrible position to try and figure out lol. Just have a real grown conversation. :) I wish you the best, whatever the outcome

    • Thanks :) I wish you the best of luck to!
      I hope it doesn't take 3 years to figure out, but it's coming close to a year!
      Maybe I will bring it up to him.
      Thank you very much! :D