Guys, what is your girlfriend to you?

I am just wondering, because I've never had a girlfriend before.

So I've already graduated college, but when I was in high school, I had a crush on this girl for 4 years throughout high school.

Though I never did anything about it, or even talked to her much, and after we graduated we just never saw each other again (because I was also depressed, had low self-esteem, and had some family member cancer issues at home)

Anyways, when I had a crush on this girl, I was absolutely infatuated - she seemed like the most perfect girl in the world. She was good looking, not the most beautiful, but had a good heart. Kinda hard to explain, but she just seemed so perfect lol.

Ever since high school, all the hot girls that I've come across in college, or out on the street (cuz I live in a college town) - they are just random hot chicks that I want to bang. Never had that same feeling like I did in high school.

So I was just wondering, when you start actively dating, is that just how you are supposed to feel about your girlfriends? They are just some pretty chick that you can get along with, and you'd like to bang?


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  • Based on how you've described this, she was your first love. Honestly, your first love is something that will probably never happen again. A girlfriend should be a woman who you can be yourself around. I woman who you can trust and tell her ANYTHING. She should be a woman who makes life worth living. A girlfriend is a special girl who will make you happy and maybe become more than a girlfriend! (: hope this helps! :D


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  • When im looking for a relationship I look for a friend first. If there going to be my gf they need to get along with me, just as well as I do with my best guy friends. Some girls are fun to be around, but there not gf material. They need have the potential of becoming my best friend if that makes sense

  • " They are just some pretty chick that you can get along with, and you'd like to bang?" -

    Yes! You hit the nail on the head.

    I love it anonymous. Simple, precise, not over-thought or overstated. Couldn't have said it better myself. Bravo!

  • my girlfriend means the world to me treat her with a tone of respect.