Is he shy or just not interested?

I've been crushing on this guy for some time now, and we've hung out a few times. Here are the signs:

1. First time we met, was extremely friendly and relaxed. A few more times after that, was still nice and calm.
2. A lot of time passed, we saw each other again, this time was more nervous and "little boy shy." Avoided looking at me in a group setting.
3. I invited him to have lunch with my friend. Avoided eye contact with me. Told a lot of jokes which I laughed at.
4. Went out again, just one on one. Was interested in what I was talking about. Told the same joke. Offered to get me a knife without me asking.
5. Never initiates texts, but always responds. Said he doesn't really text much though and is a lazy texter.

Overall, he isn't that shy with people, but I think he's one of those shy romantics... Still I'm so confused. I don't want to come out and ask him directly.

I meant a plastic knife when we were eating


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  • Weeeelll... he's definitely a little shy, perhaps reserved. If he wasn't interested he would have never gone out with you one on one.


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  • Why did he offer to get you a knife? And text him/talk to him more to get a feel for it but I agree with Socal1 if he went out with you it means he likes you.

    • I meant plastic knife when we were eating

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