Give up everything for a girl just to be with her? Am I crazy?

Am i crazy if im willing to give up everything to this girl i meet onlinegame/wow. we knew each other for 4 years but under that 4 years she had boyfriend but that didn't stop me liking her. This past month they recently broke up so atm im pushing my luck taking advantage with it. But recently she change pretty much. she even pull this joke that she have new boyfriend/her work boss and she knew my feeling about her all 3-4 yrs. there is a big dis stand between me and her she live on Greece and i in Sweden. yesterday i even ask her if want 2 be my girlfriend and she give me 50/50 answer yes but no. this cming Friday will be everything she ask for time make her decision if she want me on her life or not. even if she say no im still flying to Greece just to see this wonderful girl that im welling to give up everything. August the 1st is doomday for me feel like it.


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  • Yes you're crazy. Never give up everything for a person. They'll all die in the day. And for the online one? Seriously bro. I'm so sorry.

    • should i just give up with out fighting and let her go? This is biggest & hardest thing 2 do brain vs heart. I am a watermelon hard out side water inside.

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    • You shouldn't fly to Greece, sorry. You should be staying where you are and start dating people living near you. duhhh. And the fact she pulls joke about having a new boyfriend already said that she is not interested, and flying to see her will make it even worse -- making you look like a total total creeper. She even doesn't consider you for a rebound relationship. I'm so sorry to say that. And 3-4 years is too long to wait, what a waste of time. I know how you feel. I've been in your shoes too, but let it go because it doesn't meant to be. Think with your brain not you heart. I know it's hard, but that's why you're given a brain -- to think. Bottom line, I'm sorry but I really think you should let her go without fighting, because you will only waste your time, and she doesn't even bother consider your effort or money (airplane ticket!). I'm so sorry but I suggest moving on. Good luck I hope for the best.

    • Opinion Owner you might be right. BUT Its really hard to accept it with out fighting for it. i rather break legs instead of feeling this way. if u know what i mean.

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  • I disagree with Anon on just one point, just because you met online doesn't mean the connection isn't real. I've connected with people online way more than people I've met in real life. As for the question, don't ever give up things for someone if they wouldn't be willing to do the same for you


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  • Just live your life man, you always loose the battle when you are in need. Number one killer of any relationship is neediness. Women is not like water or protein, that you can't live with out. Try to want a relationship instead of needing one. The most bazar concept of all times is from the movie Jerry McGuire, in which Tom cruse said " You cemplete me !" in the middle of football field.
    No one ever completed you, and no one will ever complete you. When you pop out from your mama, you were complete. You are whole on your own. Just be you, have fun, and just watch the show call life. Take care