Is it just me or is the guy i'm dating an $€%#<+?

So the guy I'm dating was someone I met through a mutual friend with the purpose to get married eventually. He was sweet and all that. However I noticed a couple of time that he was lying. We use this app that shows where we text from. He told me once that he was at home but the app showed he was at some other place. And he was there a whole day and slept there.

I of course asked him about the wrong adress and he simply said that he didn't know the adress and it was wrong. Well what could I do without any further proves, I accepted his explanation. And can I just say that it never shows the wrong area, it might a block wrong but it always shows the are correctly.

We went on a few datea and he laughed at my jokes and he genuinly had a good time and even texted me 15 minutes later after the dates.

Now we haven't texted that much lately because he has started a new job which is fair. The other day he texted me while he was on work saying that he was sure (after our dates) he wanted me by his side for the rest of his life and he wanted to talk with me about our relationship status and we agreed that we would meet someday and talk (which we haven't yet).

The following day he tells me he has to go to party at work and he won't be texting me in the evening which was fine. Then he texted me in the evening and this time his adress was at the same place that I once asked him about. The same place he didn't know anything about? You might call me suspicions or controlling but isn't this odd - shouldn't I be suspicious?


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  • He told you he wanted you to be by his side for the rest of his life over text? Run. On top of that the shadiness and lying should be signs enough.

    • Okay do you think I should wait a little bit longer till I get a definite prove?

    • I say get out now.

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  • You went on a few dates with the understanding of getting married? I stopped reading after that. You both went into this with the wrong intentions so not surprised there are problems now

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