Things to do during the first date?

I want to know girls what you really want a guy do to you during your first date. I want it to be successful somehow. .


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  • hmm i dont know. but for me, i like surprises...:) maybe dinner then bowling? you might think its gay but do something fun and different thatll both make you laugh and stuff!

    this guy who took me on a date once, where i thought it would be like the rest where we just go out for dinner talk awkwardly and go to the movies then awkwardly not talk... anyway, he took me out to this restaurant called Little Italy, then we went for bowling i got surprised because no one ever took me bowling, we both had so much fun, then we went for ice cream and sat by the beach in the sand continuing to talk after the whole bowling thing. and i can say he did a good job!

    you can try something like that. but I don't know thats just my suggestion :)

    • and oh since that night, weve been talking non stop and now weve been dating for almost 3 years :p

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    • haha aw! well you can always save up, dont worry too much! i hope it will turn out great :D

    • Actually I want to know about her during the date. Lol haha Nice one.

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  • Go for walk along a trail down a river. Find a quite spot to sit down and light a joint. At very least you'll get mac out session.