Should I give into him or just move on?

Ok, so I'm talking to this guy who I like. We are childhood friends, but we grew & went our separate ways. He contacts me 3 months ago everything was good! We connected well! The chemistry was great! He's in the army & lives 4 hours from me. He made plans to come visit me! So excited! But after he left the convo stopped! Which threw me off a little cause I thought maybe something went wrong. So he contacts me & I asked him what was going on. He apologized & said he was sorry for his actions & that he would do better. Well it happened again. The communication stops. At this point I'm like there is something up. So I let some days go by without initiating convo & he calls! I'm so dry with him cause I just don't get it! He tells me he's just trying to get things done & trying to get everything on his end right so we can move forward & be happy! Of course I'm like ok who is she! He tells me there is no one else & that he is really sorry for his actions! I say ok & rode with it! Third times a charm right? Well yes the actions happen again! Only this time I tell him I'm done! I told him that when we first talked the actions I'm getting is not from the man I first spoke with & that if he's not ready then I was walking away! I told him that he has to prove to me that this is what he really wants because I don't do roller coaster rides! He said he understood my frustration & that he didn't want to hurt me & that he is going to prove to me that he is worthy! Yes, I asked how & why should I believe it! He responded I'm proving it now & I can't make you believe me but I want you to! So my answer to him was I need more proof! He says ok! Well lately he has improved some! I get a good morning, an I miss u, an I'm thinking of you, a good night! With extra added! I'm afraid to fall for it because I don't want the cycle to continue! He's stated he's liked me for sometime! My question is should I give in or is he stringing me along? Obviously I like him too but I refuse to settle.


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  • You want a guy who can give you exclusive attention. Just tell him we need to part our ways as we aren't getting well together.
    Don't have any hopes in this. This relationship will not work and you are just pressuring him.
    End your dilemma. And search for a guy who can be with you when you want to.


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