What do guys get out of looking at sexy female pictures?

I'm in a new relationship right now and things with him and I are going well. I aso learned that he looks at sexy female pictures roughly twice a week (according to him). I mean, I felt like crap after learning that but I've going through this phase of trying to accept it. I get it... its a guy thing. So I'm wondering to all the guys out there looking at dirty pictures while they have gfs... what do you guys get out of it? If those girls in the pics were in front of you, would you go for them? Do you compare the pictures to your gfs? Seeing pictures like that all the time doesn't get boring? But my super main curiosity is just whether you guys WANT those girls in the pictures. Thanks guys for your help! U DA bomb! :)

Thanks for your input fellas... the thing is... if he looked at dirty pix just to masturbate... I get it. But he says that sometimes he just looks at them... and thats it... he goes on about his day. I don't know... I guess it is what it is


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  • When I look at sexy women or women in p*rn, it is just pure fantasy. Yes, it does excite me. But men are very visual.
    The type of woman I want is someone who wants to be with me. Wants to talk to me. Wants me for who I am. Knows that every night and every morning I am going to be there for her and she will be there for me.
    The best thing for me, is dirty pictures of my wife. That is hot. More hot than any other pictures.

    • aww thats so sweet. thanks for your input!

    • All I know is this. I appreciate a beautiful woman. I will look. I will talk to pretty women. Hell, all women. But I know this. I love looking at my wife. In person. In pictures. Yes, we have taken some dirty pictures. They are a great, amazing turn on for me. More than p*rn or naked pics of other women ever could.

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  • To answer your question honestly, we are guys and we have needs. Im a Christian and while im not a virgin I've only had one partner in my life which just ended recently after 2.5 years. In the relationship, yes I did look at "dirty pictures " to get off, as I said we have needs and since I mostly only saw my girlfriend on weekends... not to mention you don't want to make the relationship all about sex with her either, and it doesn't have to be. Once in a while though she would stay with for a week or two at my place if she got in a fight with her parents or something. We would have sex maybe 3 times a week, maybe 4... during this time I never felt a need to look at p*rn for I was completely satisfied and happy. I don't particularly like looking at p*rn, and I couldn't help but feel somewhat guilty, it was merely to satisfy that animal testosterone that lives inside most guys. To sum this up I've always preferred sex over the ladder, I loved getting closer to my girlfriend with the physical experiences we shared together. I can't say I really compared any p*rn to my now ex girlfriend. If I was married and/or living with someone and we made love 2-4 times per week I would not have a desire or need to look at p*rn.

  • Why do women think men stop being men just because they are in a relationship?
    we are visual creatures. We are always going to look at women. esp if they are naked.
    Guys will always have some p*rn stashed someplace or know where to find it quick.
    we will always masturbate, no matter how much sex you have with us (it might only be once in a great while but it will still happen).
    Why does it matter how he gets worked up? as long as when he is worked up he takes it out on you?
    that is the difference... when we are with someone... we look but don't touch.
    When I was married or with a woman I don't care what makes her horny... as long as she screws me and not them...

  • They look at dirty pics of girls cause they use them
    to masturbate to , these guys are not wanting any
    real relationship , i am 46 years old but can honestly
    say if i had a girlfriend why would i need to look at dirty
    pics of girls that would be a immature behavior of myself
    also I feel looking at dirty pics is me feeding the devils ego
    yes i am far from being angel but I'm not going to have a
    girlfriend who i love with all my heart than look at dirty pics.

  • Looking at sexy pics and vids is totally normal for both men and women though it's men who are more likely to do this. Why? Arousal. Do they want the girls in the pics/vids? more than likey no. It's just fantasy.

    • i see. i wonder why guys have those fantasies if they dont want it

  • If he doesn't live with you/married, he needs some sort of stimulation while you're not there... we like to masturbate, just like girls do


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  • To get sexually aroused by them and possibly masturbate to them. Completely normal and nothing to be worried about.