I have just joined a dating site?

i know its hard to get a girl to talk to you on the site. last time i must of sent 100 message to different girls and none got back to me, is that normal? and is it the same fore girls? have you girls sent message to guys and didn't get a reply back?


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  • Lots of dating sites have fabricated users to attract credit card for schemes. I must say, even I myself am reluctant to even fancy a virtual girl as they will more often than not turn out differently. So I've embarked on a journey of finding the right woman through intellectual discipline. I hope you could find something you're really good at and connect to someone the same way.

    • ok thanks mate

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    • oh i see :) thanks

    • No prob.

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  • It's totally normal. Guys need to send out thousands before getting a reply


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  • I wouldn't say it's "hard" to get girls to talk to you on dating sites. What kind of messages are you sending them?

    • hey :) would you like to have a chat? xx ) that type for me its hard to find some 1 with the same interests

    • Yeah, that's probably not going to get you far. I wouldn't respond to a message like that either.

      You need to take the time to read their profiles, and learn something about the person, then start talking to her about something you saw in her profile.

      For example, one time a girl messaged me about a book series I'd been reading. She told me that she'd read the series too, and then asked me which character I ~hate~ the most. It sort of struck me because that's not the kind of question you usually get. That girl is now my girlfriend.

      But yeah, you can't just be like "Hey, what's up" or "Hey, wanna chat"? Because girls get swamped with that kind of shit, and it sounds lazy and boring. You need to show that you took the time to read their profiles and show them that you're different from the rest of the herd.

    • ok thank you