Is he really going to change? Does he want that?

I've known this guy for a year and we've been dating for nearly 6 months. Through our relationship I learnt that he has many female friend and talks and sometimes fools around with them. He asked me if I had a problem and I said no because I didn't want to corner him but actually I felt really uneasy because I'm the kind of girl who won't get close to any guy. Although I thought he doesn't have a problem with me having guy friends, every time a guy tried to approach me he would say he's interested in me and I should be careful and such. When I asked him why he says that he would answer he knows and he's a guy too.
The truth is his relationship with other girls really bothered me but I couldn't tell him until he says that he wants to change that. He said he wants to minimize his relationship with other girls. When I asked him why he said he knows I'm not okay with that even though I don't say anything and he wants me to feel safe and peaceful. He said it's also because of himself because he thought if he had many people around him it would be a good thing but it was not. He said that he's been uneasy and uncomfortable and for him to reach peace he has to get close to only one girl or no one.
I don't quite understand what he means and does he really want to change? Is he not going to regret that?


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  • You witness change through action, if you see it, then he's got the will for it, but until he's got a genuine will, you can't really change him.

  • U should leave him. he wants attraction not u...


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