Why is this girl so back and forth with me?

This shy younger married girl at work has sought me out and we have been talking in the hallways most days. We will like meet up "unsaid" I'm the hallway I'm breaks and walk and talk to the kitchen and back. We'll do this for week or so then she'll just dissapear on me for a half week or so then come back and repeat over again. Why is she doing this?


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  • Maybe because she is MARRIED? Just a thought. I'm sure she likes you but feels guilty for even doing so - therefore she disappears, as you say. Leave it until she is single and then care... No one wants to be that guy.


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  • Eh, usually it's insecurity, could be that you're her rebound too. I'd just dump the gal and find some other more pleasant one.

    • Insecurity? About what?

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    • Any guess?

    • She likes someone else but she can't assure herself that this guy will ever accept her for who she is, so she sees other guys whom she doesn't care about, but it gives her a momentary satisfaction until her mood changes the very next morning.