How can I get my boyfriend to hug me and etc. on his own?

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 months (We are both 13) and he'll hold my hand and hug me but only if I hug him/hold his hand first... How do I get him to do it on his own? (Hug me/hold my hand first)

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Guys: Do you like it or not like it when a girl shows affection first? (Like hugs you/holds your hand first)

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  • I think you may need to just tell him. Something like: "Hey, you know you can hug me or hold my hand when you want to, right? I like it when you show affection". You could also do hints, like "I really like your hugs/I love it when you hug me" "I like holding hands with you" etc. but he's 13 so I don't know if he'll get what you're trying to convey.

    • Yeah, I did that over text 1 time and it was cute but when we actually saw each other he never held my hand :( I guess I just got gain some more confidence...

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    • Ok :) Thank You so very much!!!

    • You're welcome! :)

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  • He's 13, and inexperienced… When guys mature and start making decisions independently (around 15-16) then you should complain about him not being aggressive or anything. His hormones have barely begun

  • Just tell him that you'd like him to initiate those sort of things more, the key to a good relationship is communication.

  • Tell him : Hug me booboo !!

  • Hint: there's something about being only 13 years old (both of you)

  • Guys feel the need to appear masculine and can sometimes feel like initiating a hug will look too feminine.


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