Did she kiss me to be nice?

We had a great evening going to watch a movie. I noticed in the cinema, she kept brushing her arm next to mine and kept it there. I could also feel her arm pushing towards mine like she was adjusting it.

I ended up walking her home and she would laugh at some things whilst smiling at the rest. When I asked her questions, her answers would be long and she would ask me the same question or a new one. When I teased her, she playfully punched my arm. She had also offered me chewing gum too. Whenever I made physical contact such as guiding her by putting my hand on her back or touching her hair, she acted normal.

When we got to near the shop where we both work (she has told me it takes her 6 minutes to get home from work), she led me on a route that took 20 or so minutes and as I joked about it not being 6 minutes, she told me it was the longer way around.

However, when we approached near her house, I offered to walk her to her door but she insisted in leading me down the road to tell me the quickest route back. I thought that she was trying to avoid a kiss.

As she led me down the road, I told her that she had an eyelash on her face and she replied "Hang on, let me show you where you have to go". Eventually when she stopped and turned around, I approached her and stroked my thumb underneath her eye to remove this "non existant eyelash".

She stared into my eyes as I went for the kiss and we kissed for around 5 or so seconds, I saw she had her eyes closed. Once we pulled away, she instantly put her arms around my chest to hug me and we parted ways.

I'm worried she didn't want the kiss initially and was just being nice? Was she testing me?


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  • Does it matter? She still likes you but probably was nervous for the kiss

    • I guess telling her I wanted to walk her to the door gave her that idea and she was nervous. But hey, she didn't pull away and we kissed for a few seconds, then she hugged me. She did look a little shy/flustered after though.

    • Congratulations.

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  • that is so sweet the eye lash thing! ahhh that's so cute :) she probably melted :)

  • Maybe she wants you to visit her at work or something.

    • We work at the same place, well I do as a placement. In two weeks I'll either stay there, but most likely move to a different store so hoping to keep in contact.

    • Well then it's obvious, if you stay she's showing you the shorter route to her house! Need I say more?(;

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