How do guys show if they are falling for someone who is already a friend?

How would a guy give hints to his female friend that he is falling for her wants to date her or probably marry her?


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  • If he's falling for you he might start acting shy around you, then (maybe even at the same time) he'll try to spend more time with you.
    Think of how you would act if your afriad to lose a friend. He doesn't know how you would react to him liking you yet so he might be a little afraid.


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  • this very thing happened to me many years ago when i was 19.

    She was not only a friend but someone i had grown up with. We had played together, hung out around the pool together and shared about as many other experiences as peers can within what was in our case a neighborhood. Cute as a button, athletic, body to die for... but when you grow up with a person your thinking isn't necessarily geared that way toward them.

    Upshot, the summer of '77,,. almost overnight i fell in love with her... or as much of 'in love' as i could understand at that age. It affected me bodily and emotionally. I started waking up with anxiety (butterflies) about seeing her that day, which i would because it was summer and i was in between jobs. When i was around her i felt as though i was in the presence of a force that calmed me and made the universe seem balanced. When one or the other had to leave, my heart sank and i went into withdrawal.
    I thought about her and some of the problems she was facing almost constantly.
    None of this ever went sexual, but i can assure you of this... and i've heard guys report this over the years. Had we become naked in bed and engaged in all the phases of such interactions, i am convinced i would have felt disoriented, possibly dizzy, and considerably out of breath. Take that scene from Titanic where Jack and Rose finally consummate in the old car and multiply it by tenfold.
    I know this sounds hyperbolic, like something from romantic literature, but it's what i feel could have been.
    It was and remains the one such instance in all of my life.
    For various reasons, she could not reciprocate, nor do i think i even expected that of her. Eventually we enjoyed sporadic contact separated by periods of years or more, but in the intervals our lives just grew increasingly different than one another's. It was not a tragic ending, but rather a memory i will hold to forever and hopefully share once in a while, such as now.

  • "Marry her" sounds a bit extreme... :D

    Maybe... Im not sure... Id say he wouldnt... OH you know what its going to be? its not going to be anything smooth. They're going to get cold feet everytime they decide to do it and its going to come out some time when they're inebriated or after a long talk when they feel liberated to say anything... actually that just works on everybody... Im failing to see how this is a gender related question

  • Showing Extra-care, Getting annoyed for ur mistakes surprising you everyday and above all if he has started paying your bills and getting gifts from his earning ;)


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