Girls how did you know when you found the right guy?

I have issues and low self esteem and confidence issues. I just don't believe in myself or feel pretty right now.. I um let a guy use me and he cheats on his preg gf with me.. :(. I feel really bad.. I just want the right man.. I realize all the mistakes I made and how naive I was...


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  • Don't let your mistakes dictate your feelings or your future. It happened, nothing can change that, life lesson learned. Everything in life is a learning process, don't let these things rule you. Does he do things with you, for you? Does he volunteer the time, the gifts, the love or is it given quickly or when expected?

    No one can really tell you how to know, we just have to take shots in the dark.

    • I completely agree with this answer. But, Don't belittle yourself, EVER! You know you made a mistake, learn and grow from it. I also believe you should move on from this guy who's using you. There's plenty of men out there. And there's definitely going to be one who will appreciate and respect you to not use you like this. Patience is a virtue my friend! You will find someone when you least expect it! Good luck up you!

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