How do I learn to regain trust in my boyfriend?

My boyfriend lost my trust. He didn't do anything real bad like cheat on me. But something that makes me worried about him getting on the computer (you get what I'm saying?) so how do we try and get that trust back?


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  • If you're talking about him watching p*rn, then make him stop watching it by having sex/or sex games with him, that will solve the problem


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  • Please tell me this isn't about p*rn.


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  • What did he do? If it's p*rn then lighten up?

    • Okay so here's the thing. I honestly don't care if he watches p*rn when I'm away on trips. (Which I go every month) but the fact that he did it when I was in the next room over. I dont know I just wanna know if he's losing attraction.

    • I'm doubt he is. I think you're over reacting. Some times people just want to get off by themselves.

    • Yeah I probably am...

  • I just want to say:Nothing can beat you down if you have a strong heart. If nothing happen in your life, the life is not wonderfull. So I hope you can bravely straight on your life. Do't worry about what have't happed, it does't worth.