Will you go to the same place on a date with another girl/guy?

I kinda busted all my ideas on the first girl I ever dated. We were together a few years and we went a lot of places, everywhere, infact. So when we broke up and now I'm seeing another girl, I'm bringing her back to the same places I've been with my first girl.

the place isn't the same, sometimes amusement park rides got upgraded or replaced with a new one, restaurant seating areas look like they got new tables and have iPads now, some streets got more crowded, or we're now visiting different types of stores in the mall.

But it feels sooo weird. It feels like when I go back to the same place, I'm reminded of my ex. Even the rides are less interesting and thrilling now.. Dates feel more like I'm revisiting my memories with this new girl, instead of going on an adventure and new experiences.

I guess I found out why they said, your first is always special. Anyone else had the same feeling too?


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  • Well I personally think it's okay to go to the same places otherwise you're going to run out of places to go! And if the places aren't as great as they were before, it may be because you're getting bored of going to the same place or maybe you still have feelings for your ex? Good luck anyway :)

    • Thanks for your encouragement! Yea I'm kinda bored. I mean, I'm trying to make things fresh and new for myself too, but it seems like I've done everything already and sometimes I just wonder if I'm going through the motions ticking places off a list. I do like to hang out with this new girl though, but there's a spark, you know, like the feeling of adventure or thrill of being in a new place and new experience, missing.

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  • It's normal, especially if your ex is the one that broke up with you. You're more likely to feel sentimental about your memories.

    In time, you'll find yourself doing that less, and discover that while you might be going to the same places, the experience of being there with someone different makes the act of going there different, and special in it's own way.

    • Thanks for your comments. Yea, she was the one who broke up with me.

      Maybe I need a little more time to forget about her first. I shouldn't have just started dating again. :/