Non awkward way to ask for a picture with your crush?

I met a nice guy about two months ago, we have been talking and hanging out once almost every week since and i really like him and i tell my fruends about him and they keep asking me to take a pivture with him but im not sure how to ask without it being awkward or creepy. I am kind of awkward and creepy myself but he seems to dig it hehe. Anyway, does anyone know how i can work my way to taking a picture with him?


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  • Just ask him that you want to take a picture with him so that you can show your friends on Facebook that you have friends.


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  • if i was you, i would be like "oo look at the scenery" and take a picture of it and then turn to him and be like "oo lets take a pic" I'm sure if he likes you he wouldn't mind. No Worries! a pic is no big deal! :) Good Luck

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