Am I crazy for loving her? Or is she crazy for doing all of this for me?

So im using my gfs answer thing while she sleeps but quick question.
My girlfriend and i have been together for 3 months, we have amazing sex, she gives me oral everyday when were together, she cleans, cooks, washes my clothes, massages me, and my mom loves her, they drink wine together, do crosswords, shecalls her her companion even said she's a keeper!
I've told her i love her and she feels the same, we laugh, talk, and she reads while i play my games.
Is she a keeper, or is she crazy for doing all of these things for me?

Oh, yeah and she's my first African American girlfriend, im a ginger lol, and she's Going on 23 i just turned 25


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  • Keeper!!! But don't be surprised if suddenly one day she stops you guys are still in the honeymoon dating area.
    I'm sure you guys love each other
    But make sure you return the favor to her because at some point she's gunna get tired of giving all the time and not receiving.


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  • She sounds like a keeper to me. And your mom loves her so that's a bonus. Kudos to you! And to her for what she does for you. Lol


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  • Marry that girl man! She's a keeper, wait after a year though, you have to see if the chemistry between you lasts.

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