What are some ways to figure out if a guy likes you?

It's a general question, but if you're both friends and meet often, how do you know if he likes you?


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  • So Ms. Progress, lets see, A guy if he likes you will be staring at you a lot. This is not always but if a guy really likes you then he will be shy around you and mumble a lot. He would often help you if he's that old fashioned personality. He'll be really nice to you. He would smile often at you but maybe sometimes some guys are to shy to even do that, soo, just nervousness in that scenario. He would often want to touch you too. Aaand, he's chivalrous around you. And his friends... they are a big clue. If you come around when he is with his friends, look at what they are doing. If they give him nudges and weird smiles then that's your clue. Hope this helped :)


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