She's horrible about returning texts, but we hang out a lot?

I've been hanging out with this girl for a little over a month, we met online. I see her about twice a week right now. She lives 45 minutes away from me. I always have to start the conversation. she's never started it once. We will be texting back and forth then, she just stops. Or sometimes it will be like 20 or 30 minutes between the texts, thats fine I know she's busy. Her best freind/ roommate told me that this girl likes me and she just takes it slow. Every time we hang out she invites me to something eles or tells me to text her and we will do something. She always makes time for me. We haven't kissed or anything yet. I just can't tell if she actually likes me or not. Am I just over thinking it? Im 25 she's 23


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  • Sounds like she's just not into indirect communication. Don't overthink it!


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  • Just ask her out, then you'll know. There's really not any other way to know for sure, and once you're together you can talk to her about how you'd like her to initiate more and whatever other problems you have.

  • its hard dude. I would stop contacting her personally and move on. But if she keeps inviting you... its like push-pull. She maybe a pro at manipulating your interest.

    So you are just gonna have to man up and kiss her during one of your outings. If she doesn't respond, move on.

    • If the girl likes to take it slow I'm not sure randomly kissing her is going to go over that well.

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    • I'd agree he ask to ask her out, that's what I said in my answer, I was just saying going and kissing the girl when they were hanging out was probably a bit a leap.

    • where is the damn like button lol.

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